Burtonwood and Holmes

Mirror Mirror



The central message to the viewer is that both ancient and modern states place high priority on their ability to destroy civilizations as much as build them. The sculpture of the bomb can be read in a variety of ways, it is both false god (golden calf) and treasured prize. The reproduction of art work by Andre Serrano is chosen to represent culture over war. It is clear from our mode of installation, that culture is clearly losing the argument. Viewers get to walk on the “art”. If this wasn’t bad enough the weapon plinth sits upon it, keeping culture in its place. Serrano received $15,000 in 1988 a small sum that sparked the debate. The sculpture bomb is modeled on a JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munition), which varies in price but starts at about $20,000 each. The installation demonstrates that acts of violence are more important to the state than works of art.


This section includes ideas and concepts for installations and public art projects to be carried out, implemented or performed. Some of these projects have been realized in one form or another, and documentation can be found in this section or on the Installations page located in Current Work. Galleries, institutions and individuals interested in supporting the projects outlined in these ppages should contact the artists directly for further details.