Burtonwood and Holmes

Wishing Well

A Public Art project


In the pursuit of wealth and prosperity dreams are broken and wishes go unfulfilled. Our economic devices dictate that people wear their hearts on their sleeves, that a game face will not acknowledge burdens, that the individual will grin and bear them. Some people are lucky, their ideas are realized, profits accrued, security taken as granted. For most however their toil is literally pissed on day in, day out.

Details: In the bathroom of the gallery a title card is placed next to the urinal. The title card reads

Wishing Well, (make a wish) Ongoing project. Coins, urinal.


This section includes ideas and concepts for installations and public art projects to be carried out, implemented or performed. Some of these projects have been realized in one form or another, and documentation can be found in this section or on the Installations page located in Current Work. Galleries, institutions and individuals interested in supporting the projects outlined in these ppages should contact the artists directly for further details.