Burtonwood and Holmes


A Public Art project


The public is served with the opportunity to discard, trash and be rid of images, effiges and monuments to all that has failed them. A dumpster will be situated outside the gallery. To get the game off to a good start some examples will be deposited in said dumpster (political propaganda, portraits of revered leaders, celebrities etc) with a good measure of rubble, effluence, food debris and so forth. The public will be inivited to contribute to the pile / rescue items from oblivion for the duration of the piece. At the end of the project the final contents will be documented before final consignment to recycling and perhaps landfill. This documentation will be shown at a later date as a straw poll of failed ideologies and discarded promises.


This section includes ideas and concepts for installations and public art projects to be carried out, implemented or performed. Some of these projects have been realized in one form or another, and documentation can be found in this section or on the Installations page located in Current Work. Galleries, institutions and individuals interested in supporting the projects outlined in these ppages should contact the artists directly for further details.