Burtonwood and Holmes


Installation / Public Art Project


The installation as a whole is meant to challenge the viewer to rethink how their tax contributions are spent and balance this against the funding of the arts and culture. First and foremost the image of a war machine is contextualized amidst other consumable goods such as ice cream and beef. These goods are cheap and ready supply, an economic relationship some would say is due to a strong military. Framing the vehicle with these goods also reminds the viewer that weapon systems are also part of the marketplace. The broken wall is symbolic for two reasons. It provides a second frame of reference for the vehicle and it challenges the viewer bringing the subject of the installation off the wall and into their space. The final layer is the tax documents. This element of the installation reminds the viewer that their contributions to the federal purse helps pay for weapons systems like the one pictured in the installation and that a portion of the remainder of their paycheck is spent on goods like the beef or ice cream.


This section includes ideas and concepts for installations and public art projects to be carried out, implemented or performed. Some of these projects have been realized in one form or another, and documentation can be found in this section or on the Installations page located in Current Work. Galleries, institutions and individuals interested in supporting the projects outlined in these ppages should contact the artists directly for further details.